DesignBites investigates co-creation and experimentation in the food and beverage industry. Based on research interviews and social media tracking of entrepreneurs and their stakeholders, this site offers bite-sized tips and tricks to support developing better offerings and operations.

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We regularly catch up with food and drink entrepreneurs in the field to find out what they have been experimenting with. Listen in to what we've learned!

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Our research shows how entrepreneurs have experimented during the pandemic and before. Browse through our bite-sized insights and cases, or have a whole meal of publications.

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Ready start developing new solutions? We'll help you ideate and experiment with free-to-use toolkits and templates.

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We regularly organize activities virtually or in-person to share the insights from our research and bring the food industry together. Join us for some sweets and treats!

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We've developed a tool to identify unusual suspects to experiment with. Map your stakeholders to find new collaborators!