DesignBites report 2020 out now

Ever wonder about what the state of Finnish food and beverage entrepreneurship is? Well, we did, interviewing 90+ entrepreneurs, wading through piles of statistics and keeping an eye on ventures’ online presence. Based on this, we’ve compiled a very palatable package of insights!

Did you know, for example, that….

  • there’s over a thousand small packaged food and beverage ventures in Finland
  • missions and money matter – changing food culture was one of the most common agendas when we interviewed entrepreneurs
  • product bundles represented the low hanging fruit for quickly boosting sales when the pandemic hit
  • we found entrepreneurs working with collaborators as diverse as cosmetics companies, museums and real estate companies to dream up new products and services
  • airlines and airports can act as springboards for trying out appeal for international customers… as can stalking social media in the time of social distancing

Read the entire report here.